Gurney's Timeshare Owners Inc.

... a not for profit corporation to educate, inform and share information about our resort Gurney's Inn Resort and Spa, Inc

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This site was started by Gurney's Timeshare Owners, Inc. a not for profit corporation to educate, inform and share information about our resort Gurney's Inn Resort and Spa, Inc. It's purpose is to begin the process of organizing the timeshare owners so that we can enforce our rights to full disclosure and obtain an independent board of directors.

Gurney's has one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Sitting on the deck, listening to the surf, walking on the beach or fishing is restful and relaxing. It's our little bit of paradise at the tip of New York. The indoor pool is a great place to workout and the spa has every amenity imaginable. There's no place like it. It's Gurney's Inn and we love it and hope to enjoy it for many more years to come.

Gurney's Timeshare Owners


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July 25, 2012 


Dear Fellow Gurney's Timeshare Owner:

Mr. Carusona, Gurney's Chairman, President and one of the two Class B directors appointed by the Monte-Cooper controlled Trust, has written you his “spin” on the recent court decision.

In a nutshell, here is the truth, from the “no spin” zone:
 The Monte/Cooper family controlled Trust and its appointed management and directors have and continue to kept control of Gurney's through secret agreements. They tried, and failed, to have the judge endorse this arrangement.


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July 23, 2012 

As usual, Mr. Carusona has put his spin on the Court's recent ruling and has omitted telling you about the most important part of the decision: THE JUDGE ADOPTED MS. BENJAMIN'S PROPOSED LANGUAGE IN THE FINAL JUDGMENT AND SPECIFICALLY REJECTED THE LANGUAGE PROPOSED BY GURNEY'S ATTORNEYS.Here are my responses to Mr. Carusona's Q& A's.

Q: Who won the 3(e) case?
A: In my opinion, the timeshare owners did. It is true the Court stated that Ms. Benjamin did not have sole power to set the level of services , etc. at Gurney's, and that all directors have one vote on all issues. However, 3(e) is of minor importance in Linda's lawsuit and is in no way critical to her case. MR. CARUSONA, AN ATTORNEY, OMITS THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF THE DECISION:The Court stated that “the one equal vote” declaration would only remain in effect, “until the Montemarano/Cooper Trust's Mortgage (i.e., the purchase money mortgage) is paid in full.”

Q: Why is this language from the Court so important?
A: Because we no longer have the Monte-Cooper Trust imposed requirement that we have to pay off the first mortgage and buy the Trust unsold shares (to the tune of some $15-$20,000,000) to get control of Gurney's Board! For the small, one time payment of approximately $13 per share, we, the timeshare owners, could control Gurney's and get rid of the Monte-Cooper TRUST's control of OUR Board forever!  We can then:


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June 25, 2012
Dear Fellow Gurney's Timeshare Owners,

How well do you know your Gurney's Inn?

Please take this quiz:
In order to bring down your maintenance fees,Gurney's Inn, your timeshare cooperative, should be selling:
(a) timeshare units that have been returned/surrendered;
(b) baked goods at Stop & Shop stores;
(c) spa products on the internet

Correct answer in the real world: (a) timeshare units that have been returned/surrendered.
Correct answer according to those running our Gurney's: (b) baked goods at Stop & Shop stores; and (c) spa products on the internet.

Gurney's is indeed a one-of-a kind timeshare cooperative. Instead of selling weeks/units, our timeshare sells cakes and conditioner.

I am deeply concerned about the direction in which our Gurney's appears to be headed. Gurney's May/June Newletter stated that Gurney's is currently selling their bakery products to [SIX] Stop & Shop stores and will “launch an all-new, all natural signature line of Spa products.” It is apparent from my listening to the plans of management, the two Class B directors, the Monte-Cooper Trust and Lola Cooper-Monte's Consulting firm (“LCM”), that their primary focus is on growing income off-site, such as selling bakery goods and spa products, internet sales of spa products, buying/leasing properties and turning them into revenue producing operations, and expanding LCM into an outside spa-consulting business. This is in direct contradiction to the Gurney's Certificate of Incorporation which states: Gurney's was “formed for the primary purpose of acquiring a fee simple interest in the land and buildings constituting the property now known by the address Old Montauk Highway in the County of Suffolk, Village of Montauk, State of New York and the appurtenances thereto, and to make apartments, space and related facilities located in said property available to the shareholders of the corporation for residential-vacation purposes under leases commonly known as proprietary leases...” (emphasis added).
July 13, 2012 
Dear Timeshare Owners,
Keith Cooper, President of the Gurney's Inn Liquidating Trust and one of  Lola Cooper Monte's sons, (Kevin Cooper, the other son, works for Gurney's as the Purchasing manager)   recently sent you an e-mail extolling the virtues of the Trust, referencing multiple documents, and then attacking "the other side",  stating we had our own "agenda".  Rather than reply to each one of Mr. Cooper's statements, I would like to make a few salient comments to his e-mail and about the Trust, and don't forget the Trust appoints 2 of the 3 members of our Board of Directors.
1.  Our annual meeting, scheduled by the board for June 11th, was called off because the Trust refused to attend.  Without the Trust's 2.7 million Class B shares, we cannot have a quorum and therefore could not conduct any business.  Their cancellation costs us, not the Trust, money for notices, postage etc..  You should ask yourself what really is behind this move?
Read more...  


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May 31, 2012

Dear Fellow Timeshare Owners,
Remember the formal notice you received about Gurney's June 12, 2012 Annual Election and Meeting of Shareholders? Well, forget about signing your proxy or packing your bags. June 12th is not happening.
The two Class B directors, appointed by the Monte-Cooper Trust, have abruptly voted to cancel it.

They gave two purported “reasons” for canceling our scheduled June 12, 2012 Annual Election and Shareholders Meeting: Excuse #1: Judge Bianco has not yet ruled on certain pending motions; and Excuse #2: the refusal of the Monte-Cooper Trust to participate, either in person or by proxy, thereby negating the presence of a quorum.

Neither justification is reasonable or acceptable, in my opinion. The reality is as follows:

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