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... a not for profit corporation to educate, inform and share information about our resort Gurney's Inn Resort and Spa, Inc

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This site was started by Gurney's Timeshare Owners, Inc. a not for profit corporation to educate, inform and share information about our resort Gurney's Inn Resort and Spa, Inc. It's purpose is to begin the process of organizing the timeshare owners so that we can enforce our rights to full disclosure and obtain an independent board of directors.

Gurney's has one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Sitting on the deck, listening to the surf, walking on the beach or fishing is restful and relaxing. It's our little bit of paradise at the tip of New York. The indoor pool is a great place to workout and the spa has every amenity imaginable. There's no place like it. It's Gurney's Inn and we love it and hope to enjoy it for many more years to come.

Gurney's Timeshare Owners


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From: Linda Benjamin
Date: May 1, 2012

Dear Fellow Timeshare Owners,

I thought you should know that Lola Cooper-Monte's original 2003 “consulting agreement” and its five-year extension terminated on December 31, 2011.

Don't get too excited about our long-anticipated expiration of this 8 year “consulting” agreement just yet.

Thomas Carusona [Chairman/President] and John Kearney [Vice-President/Treasurer], the two Monte-Cooper Trust appointed Class B directors, have agreed to continue Ms. Cooper-Monte's very lucrative arrangement on a month-to month basis, at least until June, 2012. I voted against this. Needless to say, Messrs. Carusona and Kearney, of course, owe their directorships to Mrs. Monte.
Anyone care to wager that Lola's boys will vote to continue her contract beyond June, 2012?

As no one at Gurney's has yet ever been able to explain to me exactly what Mrs. Monte does, I have always viewed the arrangement as a sort of pension. Unfortunately, it is a pension that we, the timeshare owners, cannot afford to pay.

Aftermath of "Hotel Impossible"...Annual Mtg Date Set

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Memo to: My Fellow Gurney's Timeshare Owners
From: Linda Benjamin, Your Class A Director
Date: April 20, 2012
Subject: The Aftermath of Gurney's Reality TV Show--Annual Meeting Set for June 12th

Gurney's was featured on the premier episode of“Hotel Impossible”, an hour-long TV reality show on the Travel Channel on April 9, 2012.

Here is a review of the program from the internet:

Gurney's Foray Into Reality TV

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Memo to: My Fellow Gurney's Timeshare Owners
From: Linda Benjamin, Your Class A Director
Date: February 29, 2012

Yes. It's true. Gurney's will soon be featured on the premiere of an hour-long TV reality show.

Great news, right? Read on. You be the judge.

Here are some quotes from a press release from Travel Channel:


“Hotel Fixer” Anthony Melchiorri Takes Hotels from No Stars to No Vacancy”

“Each episode features a hotel fighting for its life.”

“In the premiere episode, Melchiorri travels to Montauk, New York to help Gurney's Inn, a landmark family-run resort and spa, stop living in the past and create the future that will keep them in business for generations to come. He meets with the Monte family, who own and run Gurney's, to find out what they think the problems are. Paul Monte, the general manager, says people think of Gurney's as old-fashioned and spa director Candice Monte agrees. Melchiorri presents the family with some negative reviews he found online, and the family is surprised, as they never read reviews! They have no idea why their hotel is struggling. Melchiorri is appalled by the property's lack of service and finds a solution to their management woes in a surprising place. In the end, a lobby renovation and addressing the long neglected service problems with the laid back staff will hopefully turn Gurney's Inn back into a Hampton's' hot spot.”

Let's set the record straight:
(a) The Monte family do not own Gurney's.
(b) Gurney's is, first and foremost, a timeshare cooperative.

I am interested in hearing your thoughts on this.
Set those Tivos, DVDs, and VCRs (if they still exist):


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Memo to: My Fellow Gurney's Timeshare Owners
From: Linda Benjamin, Your Class A Director
Date: March 26, 2012

Our litigation is now before one Federal Court judge sitting in the eastern district of New York in Central Islip, Long Island. We believe that moving the case to the Federal Court on Long Island will allow us to proceed against the Monte-Cooper Trust and Lola Cooper Monte's “consulting” company at the same time we proceed against the Monte-Cooper Trust’s two appointed directors. This will also allow the case to move more quickly than it has in the past.

The Monte-Cooper Trust and Lola Cooper-Monte's consulting company had argued that venue, which is defined as “the most convenient location for trial of a case”, was improper when our case was in Manhattan. By our moving our case to the Federal Court in Long Island, their argument will be moot and we will proceed against the Monte-Cooper Trust, its two appointed directors and Lola Cooper-Monte's consulting company as well. We will also attempt to make the court filings public so that the timeshare owners can fully “appreciate” all the things that management has done.

We are continuing to challenge Mr. Carusona’s use of OUR money to defend HIS indefensible actions. We are confident that at the end of the litigation, Mr. Carusona will be required to return the monies advanced to him for legal fees which the Court has already required that he post a personal undertaking to repay if he loses.


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January 7, 2012
Dear Fellow Gurney's Timeshare Owners,

Apparently unsatisfied with their mere ability to outvote me two-to-one on each and every decision Gurney's board makes, the Chairman/President (Thomas Carusona) and the Treasurer (John Kearney) have added a new weapon to their arsenal – it is called “executive session”.   Allow me to explain.

Closed, executive sessions of a board of directors are to discuss privileged, legal or private matters, but only under very limited and specific subjects and circumstances. Legitimate reasons for closing a meeting generally concern issues that, if discussed in public, could violate privacy laws or harm or cause embarrassment to the association or another party, such as personnel matters or reviewing personal information that is confidential or should not be generally known, such as rules violations by shareholders or delinquencies in maintenance payments.

Mr. Carusona scheduled an “executive session” of the board for January 3, 2012, and expressly refused to allow me to participate, despite my repeated attempts to do so. Mr. Carusona has refused to even inform me of the subject matter of the session. Although this meeting has now been concluded, I still do not know what occurred or if any votes were taken by the two Class B directors on January 3rd behind closed doors.

I have requested the assistance of Gurney's corporate counsel, Robert Creighton, in order to determine what occurred. I have further asked for Mr. Creighton's written assurance that nothing which took place at Mr. Carusona's clandestine and intentionally exclusionary “executive session” be binding upon Gurney's or its Class A shareholders. I am awaiting his reply.

Mr. Carusona's latest antics are indeed troublesome. His unilateral choice to conduct his skullduggery in secret leads to suspicion, distrust and strife within the Gurney's community and its timeshare owners. When Gurney's board becomes secretive, even from one of it's own directors, owners get restless, demanding, accusatory, angry, resentful and frustrated. If Mr. Carusona continues unhindered in his quest to avoid transparency, this vicious cycle will continue. History is replete with examples of governing bodies who operate covertly with devastating consequences. Clearly, Gurney's has enough of it's own secrets and needs no more.
ALL board directors owe a fiduciary duty to ALL shareholders. Mr. Carusona is no exception.
I am informing the New York Attorney General's Office of the foregoing.
I will keep you informed of future developments with regard to this matter.
Very truly yours,
Linda Benjamin, Class A Director

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